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To The Amazing Paws & Their Amazing Humans

Naming our service 'The Amazing Paw and the Friendly Walker' was a very conscious decision. We wanted to accentuate the fact that for us it is always our furry friends first and we as sidekicks supporting them in every step. We understand that for many of us, animals are not only pets but a part of our family. They are the most loved and cared. And that is exactly what we strive for. We want to establish relationship goals with our animals that is loving and caring and most of all family like. Pet owners put their trust on pet care givers for when they are away and we at The Amazing Paw truly believe that we bear the responsibility to maintain that trust and be the most reliable pet care giver possible. 

We all understand that passing just a background check does not qualify one as a reliable and effective pet care giver. So, we at The Amazing Paw take the time and effort to make sure our pet care givers are vigilantly chosen and provide sufficient training in order for them to be able to effectively take care of our furry friends.

All of us at The Amazing Paw are in this not only because we love our animals but also because of our passion to serve them. This is what motivate us to go out everyday and offer a loving and quality time for the amazing paws in our lives.




& The Friendly Walkers

Boomi n Django
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