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Century Ride For Shelter Pets

One tail at a time has always been our favorite community service organization. They have not only helped thousands of animals but humans too with their genuine effort on providing free meals through food pantry and various other services.

We would always want to part of their good efforts and be of help. So I am participating in the Century Ride 2022 covering 100 miles in my bike in all weather conditions in the next ten days. To add to that I will also cover another 100 miles walking in the memory of my father in law Bob Berg who passed away last week battling ALS in the last two years. He was a kind and loving father who enjoyed biking and loved our dog Boomer. He will be missed.

We appreciate all your support to help OTAT save more pet lives and keep them at their forever homes ❤️

To DONATE you can use the link below or click it in our bio

Between April 10-20th I rode 108 miles in my bike to participate in Century Ride 2022 and walked 101 miles on top of that. Not the hardest thing I have done but still had to take ibuprofen on 3 different days to cope with the sore muscles 😅. But it was all worth it for a great cause. With all your help and support we were able to raise $2308 for One Tail At A Time. I appreciate each and every one of you who donated and cheered me on everyday ❤️

Also we would like to thank and show appreciation to One Tail at a Time for being so Amazing. They put so much effort and love towards helping all the animals in need. We hope to be able to support and be part of their journey as much as we can.

And special shout out to Maggie from OTAT for coordinating the Century Ride 2022 event and making sure everything went smooth. Thank you 🙏🏼

Thank you so much for donating ❤️🙏🏼 👇

Lana, Ron & Good boi Leo

Kim, Tim & Good boi Teddy

Katie, Mike & Good boi Moose

Becky & Good boi Luke/Pete

Luke/Pete’s Grandma Denise Beckett

Tiffany & Good girl Nora

Tara & Good boiz Frank/Larry

Pam & Good boi Fitzie(Forever Loved)

Natalie & Good boi Anderson

Lora Martyn

Megan & Good boi Bruno/Good girl Bonnie

Kristen, Peter & Good girl ANJA

Ken & Good boi Fincher

Staci & Good boi Bowie/Biggie, Good girl MADDIE

Sara & Good girl Matilda


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