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Top 5 Engaging Activities With Your Dog

Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift (author)

While we use activities that our dogs can do by themselves and stay occupied it’s highly recommended that you also have a direct positive engagement with your dog

1. Fetch - You might think tossing a ball inside the house/apartment isn’t a good idea. And that’s most likely true. But you can always grab some lightweight toys and still play a game of fetch. This can help compensate for the lack of physical activity when it’s cold out.

2. Agility Course - Create an obstacle course in your home for your pup to maneuver. You can use the table and chair in the house. There are also several affordable agility kits that you can purchase online that’s perfect for indoor setup. This will allow your dog to be physically challenged and exercise.

3. Obedience Training - Reinforce your pup’s obedience training and practice commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Many people have always address their desire for their dogs to be able to get off the couch when asked or to leave something when they need to. Being indoor especially in winter we get plenty of time to work on this. One on one training not only helps with improving your dogs behaviors but also helps strengthening your relationship with them.

4. Hide & Seek - Hide treats around the house for your pup to find or a toy they love.  Having to use their nose to work introduces the concept of problem-solving and increases self-confidence levels which can have positive impacts on their overall behaviour and wellbeing. It’s also a very good exercise to help improve their focus and concentration. Once they find it and bring it back you can engage on playing tug to reward them.

5. Play Tug-Playing tug with your dog can be a beneficial game for both of you. It helps build the bond between you and your dog and gives your dog a chance to unleash their natural predatory behaviour. It also provides physical and mental stimulation, as well as a great form of exercise. However, as with any activity, you should ensure that the tug is being played safely and that you are both following the rules. This is also a good opportunity for your dog to learn the leave it command when asked.


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