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Top 5 Helpful Cues To Teach Your Puppy Right Away

"When it comes to training a dog, 5 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, is better than 30 minutes on Saturday. "– Martin Deeley

While there are many important lessons you can teach your puppy along with learning to be calm and comfortable in their surroundings ~here are 5 you can start with

1. "Sit" - Teaching your puppy to "sit" is an important cue because it helps them learn self-control and patience. It also helps keep them still when you need to put on their leash or groom them.

2. "Stay" - This cue helps to build trust with your puppy and allows you to have control over their movements. It's also important for their safety and can prevent them from running into danger.

3. "Come" - This cue is essential for calling your puppy back to you when they're off-leash or if they accidentally get away. It also reinforces the bond between you and your puppy.

4. "Leave it" - This is an important cue as it can prevent your puppy from eating something harmful or potentially toxic. Also it helps not having to chase your puppy to get your socks back.

5. "Heel" - Teaching "heel" is essential when walking your puppy on a leash. It teaches them to walk calmly beside you and avoid pulling on the leash, leading to a safer and more enjoyable walk experience for both you and your pup.



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