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Top 5 Helpful Reason To Use A Crate For Puppy Training

1. To Provide a Safe and Secure Environment: A dog crate can be used to create a safe and secure environment for your pup when you are away or when there are visitors in the home who may not be comfortable around dogs or vice versa. By providing a personal space, your pup can feel safe and secure during uncertain situations. It is also very useful if or when your dog has had surgery, a crate can help restrict them from activities that can harm their recovery process.

2. Get Adequate Sleep: A crate can help establish a routine for a puppy's sleep schedule, which is important for their overall health and well-being. Puppies need more sleep than adult dogs, and a consistent sleep schedule can help them develop healthy sleep habits. It will also provide a personal space where a puppy can sleep without being disturbed by other household pets, children or activities going on in the home.

3. To Reduce destructive behaviors: When you find that your pup has chewed unreasonable items, such as furniture or other household items, a crate may be a helpful solution. A crate can provide a boredom buster that allows your pup to spend time away from these tempting items while you are not able to attend to them immediately. Give your puppy a kong filled with yummy treats they love to keep them occupied.

4. To Assist with Potty Training: Crates can help with potty training by gradually increasing the pup’s area as they learn to be house broken. They also help to keep your pup from having accidents when they can’t be directly supervised in between the times you take them out.

5. Traveling: Whether you are taking your dog on a road trip or flying with them in the cabin, a crate can provide a secure and comfortable space for your pet during travel. If a puppy is crate trained properly and feels safe in one it can also help reduce stress and anxiety that often comes with unfamiliar surroundings.


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